Email-Designer, mso-conditions

I would like to create e-mail templates, even having MS Office/Outlook users in mind.
So I am using ghost tables, within mso tags (inside of an HTML element), see below.

But Outlook clients now everywhere showing the closing tag: -->.
I did not expect this, what is the reason for the closing tag being displayed?
How can I avoid this behavior?
@Daniele please can you check?

Only a simple example (using div’s) inside the HTML tag:

<!--[if mso]>
<table role="presentation" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="100%">
    <td width="340">
    <div style="display:inline-block; width:100%; min-width:200px; max-width:340px;">
        Outlook can’t render the CSS in this DIV but other email clients can,......
<!--[if mso]>

any feedback (even only the initial result of your evaluation) --or is the email designer not useable in this case?
… Or do you’ll implement it in one of the next updates?

I was to applause as I thought this topic now was fixed, but there is still no fix.

Or was the changelog topic

“Email Designer: Fixed displaying errors for Form Variables
Fixed a bug which caused display errors when the value includes special characters.”

about something completely different and this issue was not even touched?

From my point of view it seems nobody takes care?
1.) Please confirm, that this is a valid topic.
2.) Please confirm, that you are going to fix this.

Simple Testcase:
Go to Responsiveness - Stacks
Copy the sample code provided into an HTML element of the BF-Designer.

Of course, enclose it in a table & tbody tag.
As a result, it should show only Column1 Column2 as a responsive table without any additional closing tags - no magic, very simple!

Current WRONG results in Outlook and other email clients::
Column 1 
--> 	Column 2