Email Designer: Sender Name (from) is cropped

I have set the form to be sent from Biezoender Website . But in the email that actually came the last letter is cropped off. I double checked, not typos there. I think this is too short allowance. If I were a sender, my name also would cropped off.

I have the same issue as well as others. Animation does not want to work on any of my sites. Guess we have to wait until Monday. These things look like bugs to me.

Same here with the cropped word.

Hmm…just tried it with very long names. I cannot reproduce it :frowning:

Is the name maybe just cropped by your email client?

No, it was not a client.
It is strange, but now I can’t reproduce it either. I have two issues misteriously dissappear since last week.
So now it is no bug then. But i will keep an eye. Sorry.

Ok :slight_smile: Fine then :smiley: Will mark it as “No bug”. If it occurs again, feel free to write! :slight_smile:

Same here magically works now … :sunglasses: