Email Designer styling and data sync issue

  1. I was designing my emails via email designer, and found the column color parameter in “user” template is RGBA, while in the theme and the “woocommerce” template it’s HEXA color.

  2. I didn’t figure out how to use the color variables. I filled the color variables defined in “global classes”, but it didn’t work.

  3. I created a theme setting. And the template would restore to default theme unexpectedly.

  4. In the email setting, I tried to add “{{wc_billing_email}}, other emails”. It didn’t work. I removed it, and then it worked.

  5. New order email seems not working.

  6. The email style is different from my setting and has different presentations in different email servers. I tried it in msn, gmail and qq.

  7. When add image, the image url is not automatically filled.

Sorry for so many questions. Hope the author could fix these and make this tool better. Thanks.

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