Email Designer Template integration to the Pro Forms


Is there anyone who can help me with the email designer configuration?
I already have a form setup and an email template using email designer. So, what im trying to achieve is how to get those email template to be send out? Like, let’s say for the testimonial submission page.
I will able to notify/receive an email if theres a new submission and the user will also notify for their submission. So basically, i have 2 email templates created, 1 for me and 1 for the user. But when i tried to send a test submission, all i received was the plain text, not the email template ive created.
Since theres no proper tutorial, im a bit confused.

Haven’t gotten around to playing with the e-mail designer yet but here’s how I would test it:

  1. Set the condition to all forms and see if the template is used when submitting the form
  2. If 1. works and the template is used, try removing the # in the Form ID field and also try again by removing #brxe- (bricks itself does that where the id has the prefix, but to target in php, the prefix is removed, not sure that applies here)

if you see the placeholder:

there is no #, no brxe- prefix is a 50/50 chance but I’d try those 2 options first.

Option 1: didnt work, i did not receive any emails.
Option 2: removing # and i will received the default plain text, basically didnt work.
removing the #brxe- and still did not work

I hope theres a feature on the pro forms that you can select/assign the email template that was created.

The syntax for specific Bricks forms is form_id (Email Designer – Bricksforge Docs). So if your element ID is #brxe-abcd, the form ID you need to enter is abcd.

This should select your template for the Bricks form with exactly this ID. Alternatively, you can try to set the condition to “All Bricks Forms” instead of “All Emails”. This should definitely work with your form. If not, there must be another not working thing there.

I tried to removed the #brxe- and use the after prefix and its still not working

Could you send me access to your site in a private message?

Ive sent a pm @Daniele

@bordzee The error is that you’re running two same templates with exactly the same condition. This will not work. Please remove the duplicated one. I understand that you want to style a separate template for the confirmation (which is for the same form id), but this is a current limitation for which I’m searching a solution actually. This will follow soon :slight_smile:

After removing the duplicated condition, the email template will be assigned.

Hi @Daniele, The template will only for the admin email notification? Not the user email notification ?

The template should run for both! :slight_smile: So take care what’s your content there, until I add the possibility to separate the default and confirmation email.

Hi @Daniele

I removed the duplicate template and use the form id in the condition tried to submit a test testimonial and it works. Now i have a problem on the field ids i dont know if this is correct, cause those are the field id on the form. But when i received an email from the admin email that i setup it shows like this and even the logo image is not showing even tho i have it setup as well. I didnt able to receive a confirmation mail on my main email that i used to put on the form and i set it up as well here

Please read the docs carefully :slight_smile: Especially how the variable format should look for Bricks Form user input: Email Designer – Bricksforge Docs

Regarding the image: What image format you’re using? Hopefully not webp or something. This will cause problems for most email clients. Use JPG or PNG.

Does the confirmation email is sending with Bricksforge deactivated?

Thank you. I will read the documents carefully.

Regarding on the image, i think i used svg and maybe thats the reason.
Edit: Ive changed it to PNG, and still not working

I didnt receive any confirmation email from all of the test submissions ive made.
so this is the set up ive made on the confirmation email tab

PS: when i received an admin email from a new submission the image is attached on the email, is there a way to not include the image that was uploaded?

Hi @Daniele

After i read the documents with regards on the form fields and changed the tags ive used previously and test it out. This is what i get and its not working as well

Are you absolutely sure that the field IDs are the correct ones? Could you re-check this? :slight_smile:

I am certain:
First Name
Last Name
as you can see it here

I see the error now :slight_smile: If you switch to the “Twig” tab, you can see that your variables are broken. Such formatting issues may happen during copy paste actions :slight_smile: And because of these errors the twig parser is not working correctly.

Please remove the formatting issues and your variables will work as expected :slight_smile:

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Hi @Daniele

It works, Thank you so much for assistance, its the formatting issues that causes the variables not working properly.

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Im hoping there will be a separate email design template for admin and confirmation it will be a game changer

Already done :wink: You can play around downloading the 1.0.0-beta.1 in your customer dashboard :slight_smile:

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