Email Designer text alignment bug

Inside designer:

actual email:

Not sure if this is a bug or something else, but the text alignment didn’t seem to work, even when I added the custom CSS.

Which email client? :blush:

@Daniele Gmail

@Daniele is there any update on the issue?

I will check it when I’m back in office next week. :blush:

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Fixed. Gmail requires the “align” attribute at “td” level. Everything else is mercilessly deleted and ignored. Bug fix coming at the end of the week! :slight_smile:


I’ve updated to 1.0.4 but seems the problems still exist.

Also is the email designer compatible with the new bricks builder - Woo template?
I’ve tried to use the bricksforge email designer to assign conditions related to the woo- login/password area but that also didnt take effect.