Email designer unable to upload/insert an image

Bricksforge : 0.9.8
Bricksbuilder : 1.7.3

I can click on Upload New Image, but nothing seems to happend except for the hover of the button.


Thanks for the report! Do you see any JavaScript errors in the console?

Sorry I forgot to check

vendors.js?ver=1684495824:2 TypeError: this.activateMode is not a function
at media-views.min.js?ver=6.2.1:2:59604
at Tt (vendors.js?ver=1684495824:2:206497)
at Function.xa (vendors.js?ver=1684495824:2:241952)
at n._createModes (media-views.min.js?ver=6.2.1:2:59564)
at n.initialize (media-views.min.js?ver=6.2.1:2:58973)
at n.initialize (media-views.min.js?ver=6.2.1:2:79857)
at n.initialize (media-views.min.js?ver=6.2.1:2:73432)
at h.View (backbone.min.js?ver=1.4.1:2:14648)
at n.constructor (wp-backbone.min.js?ver=6.2.1:2:2602)
at n.constructor (media-views.min.js?ver=6.2.1:2:106817)

Ohhhh! Understood! This helps to understand the issue:

Will deploy a hotfix asap :wink: Thanks so much for reporting this!

Hey @Daniele the upload image is also not working with the HappyFiles plugin for some reason. That’s the only plugin I found causing issues with the Email designer.

Fixed. Will be deployed as hotfix on monday :slight_smile:

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