Email designer: Various improvements

After using the email designer for some time, I’d like to give a quick feedback in order to improve it. In general, the email-designer is very powerful and on a high level already :slight_smile: , but there are some things I’d prefer:


  • A switcher for mobile/desktop view (or even fully responsible) would be nice to have, in order to preview and adjust the mobile layout. Currently, it’s kind of an unknown adjustment.
  • Emails are in general multilingual-compatible – it’s a little trickier for the Email-settings (subject, from-name…). I noticed, it’s possible throughout the string translations, however, a full integration might be useful, I guess. edit: Just noticed that twig-templates are working for email-settings too.


  • If you delete the whole text-element content, new white spaces will be ignored (and will get removed after starting with the following word) somehow. However, I couldn’t reproduce this error, only happened twice till now (Firefox, don’t know about chrome).
  • Even though unordered lists are possible, their bullet-points aren’t visible
  • Impossible to use a function within an a tag (twig).
    Example: <a href="{{my_function()}}>Test</a>
  • Twig content within Email-settings (subject, sender name…) aren’t rendered in the test-mail.
  • If you try to insert a link, the link-popup is partially hidden

Feature request

  • Possibility to specify email recipients (for example the possibility to use dynamic data or preset settings). Quick example for the “Comment Notification”: Send to post-author, admin & comment-creator. Or change the setting to: post-author only.
  • Option to call custom functions & Shortcodes (I know this can result in other problems)

Those might look like a lot of problems, but most of them are not that important, and there are some edge-cases as well. The core functionality is working very nice :smiley:. I’d just like to contribute making the email designer better and share my feedback on the user part.