Email Designer Walkthrough?

Does anyone have a walkthrough of email designer? On the surface, it seems easy to setup and get going. In reality, I can’t get much of it to work at all:

  • confirmation email - I put [brf_confirmation] in the Pro Forms email confirmation content. All I see in the email that is sent is that written value. I’ve tried using the # as part of the form_id in the actual template variable. I’ve tried without. Neither seems to work.
  • got turnstile setup - when I submit my form I just get an error to hold on while it processes the form. I cannot get a successful form submission with that turned on
  • I enable “no duplicates” and yet I get duplicates.

@Daniele or anyone? It’s been two weeks and I still cannot get this working unless I select one template for all emails, which obviously won’t work very long as I continue building.

Here from the changelog:

Email Designer: [brf_confirmation] not needed anymore

Removed the need to add [brf_confirmation] for Bricks Confirmation Emails.

I’ll give that a go! It’s still in the documentation so new users like me would have no idea about that.

yeah, still no luck. When I choose specific Bricks form and put in the ID, I get nothing in my email when I test. The regular email goes out, just not the confirmation email. I’ve tried with a hashtag, and without.

It can’t be this hard.

“ID” means not the HTML element ID. The syntax is form_id, for example 203df94. If you did not change the original ID and your ID is #brxe-abcdef, the ID you need to enter there is: abcdef. If you did change the ID to a custom one, you still can find the ID inspecting the element in the DOM. It’s saved under the data-attribute data-script-id.

I admit we could describe it more clear in the documentation :slight_smile:

I did change the id to waitlistForm. I tried it with and without the #. It doesn’t send the confirmation email.

How I described, waitlistForm is not a script ID. Inspect your DOM and search for the data-script-id of your form:

My apologies. I didn’t understand what you meant without the screenshot. I’m not a developer anymore.

So, according to what you’ve illustrated, my ID for this form is odyykg regardless of the form id I specified. Got it. Changed it in my email designer after switching to specific Bricks form.

Now when I fill out the form on the front end, I don’t get any emails at all, regular email nor confirmation. It actually got less functional.

I’m honestly about to give up.

Feel free to send me access. I can add a general setup for you you can overlook later :slight_smile:

Messaged you again. Thank you.