Email Template Conditions Not Working for 2x different forms

Hoping hive minds can help me here as I feel like I am going around in circles.

The Setup:
I have 2 forms on one page of my site.
One is a simple Newsletter signup (form) coded on page and the other a multi-step file upload/ conditional contact form (pro-form) that loads via a pop-up modal.
Both have unique form_id’s (eg: #brxe-lgpewr & #brxe-jfgnhr)

Each form has a unique email template in Bricksforge.
Both forms created from scratch without any copy/ duplicating templates to avoid any issues.
Each template has a ‘Specific Bricks Form Confirmation’ template condition assigned to its relevant form_id. (entered without the “#brxe-”)

The problem:
Email confirmations are sending correctly but only the latest form I created is being sent as a confirmation template, despite the subject line from the form being correct (as set in the pro-form settings and not from the email template in Bricksforge) I tested this individually as I went and was no problem, but when adding a 2nd template + condition the original form only sends the new template.

Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

For those interested: Have confirmed with Daniele this is a bug which has been fixed locally and will roll out next update.

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