Email Templates don't output WooCommerce download table

I use the WC Table in my email design but it doesn’t include the table for digital downloads. Is there a setting I need to enable or is this not included in the current version?

The “WC Table” widget of the Email Designer outputs the data of the original WooCommerce table. We set no individual values or remove values there. Is there maybe a setting you missed for including those digital downloads data? :slight_smile:

I tested the order completion email with a digital download product. The standard WooCommerce template has the download table but the BF template does not. I used the WC Table element in the BF template. I’m certain the issue is not my product settings or using the wrong template.

Ok, thanks for clarifying! Could you send me access? I’ll take a look tomorrow, when back in office :slight_smile:

@okadrian Fixed in 1.0.2 :slight_smile:

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