Emmet in Terminal, how to include text, content, etc

section > div > heading = works fine, BUT I want to add text, as in content into the emmet created elements. how to make anything like the below work fine?

section > div > heading[text=11111] = no error but not workign
section > div > heading[text=‘11111’] = no errror not working
section > div > heading[“text”=“11111”] = no errror not working
section > div > heading.[text=11111] = no errror not working
section > div > heading{text=11111} = error: element doesn’t exist
section > div > heading.{text=11111} = no errror not working

I’m assuming this can be done, but dont’ know the sytnax???


also, confused on why

section > div > heading + text


section > div > heading + text-basic

is basically invisible, until I manually go to the element and give the head or text element content?
the default:

“Here goes your text … Select any part of your text to access the formatting toolbar.”

does not appear?

@Daniele, Hi … any thoughts?

Can the implementation of Emmet be able to populate elements with content?

thank you!

Hi, @mattgracie101 , @Michael
Does anyone know if this can be done?

thank you

Hey @larry, adding text content using the Terminal is not supported yet. :slight_smile:

thanks for the update. any thoughts on “when” it could be added? OR if you know of any way I could do it?

hi, any update?