Enabling PJAX link trouble

I have enabled the PJAX feature on a website and are having some issues when using the WP admin bar on the front end of the site;

“Edit in bricks” does not open the correct page
“Purge cache” does not purge the correct page, nginx helper, but I suspect this will be a problem for similar menu items.

Hey! The WP Admin Bar is not supported yet. Also, this feature supports only Bricks and Bricksforge related scripts. For third party plugins like caching ones, you need to create your own functionality. Check more about this in the docs: Page Transitions – Bricksforge Docs

Hey Daniele, thank you for the clarification. I think that the trouble with the caching plugin link is just related to the WP admin bar not being supported yet.

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I will try to support the admin bar in a near future version :slight_smile:

Side note: it was easier as expected. The next version which I deploy probably this week will have support for the admin bar :slight_smile:

That’s great! The pjax functionality is really top notch :slight_smile:

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Is there any option for this specific Woocommerce/Translation issule regarding pjax @Daniele? Page Transitions - #3 by neofix