Enhancement of Flip Everything element

Hi Daniele,

I have feedback for the Flip Everything element.

I noticed that there are few effects to choose the for flip everything.

  • Flip
  • Fade Up
  • Overlay
  • Overlay Shrink

*All the above options should have different directions.

But all of them have only one direction. No other direction to choose from.

Would it be better if you made something like this?
Let users have the option to choose the effect and then select the direction.

For example, When we choose the flip effect, we can select the option to make the flip either from left, right, top or bottom. By doing this, you can also remove the “Fade Up”.

Because we will have the option to choose to Fade Up, Down, Left, Right or default option(no direction).

Any feedback is welcome. :wink:


I see the 3D option on some builders, as well, which seperates the content from the card background.

See this example: https://codepen.io/travisw/pen/VGzGye

This would be cool to have :slight_smile:


Yes. Can consider making more effects to the element.

Good ideas, guys! :slight_smile: That should definitely be implemented :+1:


Glad to hear that.

I noticed that I would be redirected to another page with the same tab when I clicked on the link on this forum. I think all the outgoing links should be opened with a new tab. Hehe!