Error 500 on form submit after set form design

I’ve I created a simple form designer to work with my forms,
just logo and Email content, Set the conditions to (All Email Forms)

but when I submit an email test my site are returning an ajax error 500.
any idea?
Bricks and BF are updated.

Hmm… I guess another 1.8.1 compatibility issue :pensive: Will take a look today!

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Hmm…cannot reproduce it. Works here. Are you using the latest Bricksforge version ( If so, are there some PHP errors you can see in the logs?

hey @Daniele shure, I find here.

take a look in a full log.

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Oh, interesting! Could you send me access to your site? Would be really helpful to debug :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent via DM

Fixed. Thanks very much for reporting this!