Fatal error activating BF

I get that kp activating BricksForge 0.9.2
I’m using: BrickProps, LiteSpeed (deactivated now), JetEngine

I claim that any newly added plugin would generate the error :slight_smile: This seems to be due to your WP Memory Limit. Could you follow this guide and test it again afterwards?

This will increase your memory limit. It should work then :slight_smile:

This is my setup, it was already configured.

This is what I get after upgrading to BF 0.9.3

Often times with WordPress query the problem is that plug-ins require more information from the database then they actually need, meaning that your optimization would include limiting the requested fields when calling query by using the fields parameter. This avoids fill up memory with the entire post object containing content and everything else. Optimization strategies are to load limited/relevant information and determine the IDs to be fetched afterwards. I am not sure if this applies to exactly this scenario, but it often is a matter of optimization.

I’ve deactivated Litlespeed and the issue is still there.

It’s happening only with BF, when I deactivate it, the webpage is back

Thanks for answering Max

Could you send me login data in private? I will check this tomorrow :slight_smile: