Field Conditions and Multistep Form

I am creating a form that has some fields shown at a certain value of a radio field. I face a problem that though on the first step everything works fine, on further steps the fields that need to be initially hidden are shown. They are hidden only if the radio fields value is changed by user.

The example:
Step 3. Field “Welke organisatie?” should appear if previose radio button is set to “Ja”. But it is visible initially. Field “Wat?” also should appear if another radio button is set to “Ja”.

I tryied different combinations of conditions. Setting initial values does not work. Conditions on both fields start to work only when a user sets one of the radio buttons (both fields hide)

But the goal is to show the field, not hide at condition. I tryed to set a class with display=none for these fileds, but it cannot override the style set by BF in the element. I really need quick solution for it, as the website deadline is very close.

If I remove steps and these fields are on the first step, they work fine.

Some extra minor issues I have found:

  1. textarea field: when height is set, this field stops having space on the page. Like in absolute position. I found nothing about this in documentation, so may be it is a wrong behavior…
  2. Gap between the step buttons set in rem does not work (just in px)
  3. The buttons Next and Previous are placed in order that is not common (next button should be right, and Previos - left). Also space-between justification should be possible. (Fixable with custom css)
  4. Show Summary button margin settings work in Bricks but not on frontend.
    5)Groups in Multistep form seem not to work properly. When I create a group and put one field in it, it shows. But if I add a second field (even duplicating existent), it stops showing. It is in the DOM but the element style is set to display none. (Fixable with custom css)
    6)Summary - empty fields are shown despite “Show empty fields” is off,

UPDATE. The condition fields behave ok if user fills the form, but not navigates the empty form steps (as I did during the form design. It makes the issue not critical, though it is not consistent and intuitive for me as developer.

Hey! In general, I recommend you to use the Nestable Forms approach when creating new forms. It’s stable in the meanwhile. 2.0.0 will be released this week. With the Nestable Pro Forms, each element has a “Conditional Logic” group. I’ve tested to adapt your form there – and cannot reproduce the issues you occur. Also, you have no problems with margins, because you can style it however you want.

The current forms approach is legacy and will don’t get new functionality. The main approach will ne the nestable one once 2.0.0 is released.

Thank you Daniel, the problem is that my project is too close to the deadline. So now i use what is available right now. Will try it with the next project. I fixed all issues and nothing critical is there. It is just a feedback for you to assist testing.

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