File Upload not working V2.1.0 - Pro Forms

The file upload field fails to update/save the uploaded image to the user meta field when using the “Update User Meta” action. This worked fine in the previous version except that the previously uploaded image gets removed anytime the form is updated even though I had the “Ignore if empty” option checked.

Can you open a ticket sending me access to your site? I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

@Daniele I have the same issue.

Are you using providers like Metabox or ACF? If so, which one is causing problems?

I’m using ACF

One thing I just noticed is the file is being uploaded to the media library just not saving the data to the ACF image field. So now I have like 100 duplicate images from each time I tested the form :joy:

I have a similar issue.

I created a file upload field for images that are for acf options page custom fields.

I can upload them and they go to the media library, but don’t display on the page. Also the preview is not updated either.

Any updates on this?

Hmm… I don’t know if Pro Forms is already compatible with ACF Option pages. Could you check the same process updating post meta image fields? This should be fixed in the last verson 2.1.1.

Yes, that works just file. I also noticed that your pro forms don’t support repeater fields for ACF Options fields yet either. Are those coming any time soon?

I could rebuild using regular custom post fields, but really like the idea of using the sitewide options fiemds much better…but wondering if there’s any ETA on potential support of all file types for Options fields.

Side note: the text fields worked great - just had to add the prefix “options_” to field names.


I have the same issue, but with JetEngine’s meta box. I created meta box for the user with two propertier ‘avatar’ and ‘official’ role. When I tried to have these updated via the Update User Meta action, the official-role which is a text field gets updated, but the avatar which is a file upload field in the Pro Form does not update the JetEngine image meta field. Strangely, it does delete the existing avatar value – it just doesn’t update (replace) with the new image I upload.