Fixed: Can't activate my license key on subsites

I’am unable to activate my license key on any subsite in a multisite environment.
The activate button does nothing when i click, on the main site it works.

Hi Groovin!

Oh, I understand. I have to include a fix for Multisite installations. Can you wait until the new update on next week? If not, please write me an email with login data. I could implement a fix to your website :slight_smile:

Sure no problem! I can wait thanks for te rapid reapply.

Have a great weekend!

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Thanks! The same for you! :slight_smile:

Fixed. Its included in the next version which will be release tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I was going to open a ticket, but as I found this question I thought it best to ask here.
I installed bricksforge on a subdomain and the panel was just white, and here it was talking about multisite that uses subdomain, was this fixed by any chance? Because after reading the question here I installed bricksforge on a domain and it worked, so it’s not working on a subdomain.
Would there be a solution to the problem?
Grateful for the attention,

Hi! :slight_smile: Do you mean this?

If yes, this should be fixed since 0.9.4 :slight_smile:

Worse, I’m using the latest version of both bricks and bricksforg, here’s a screenshot that I took with the white screen, but this white screen is only on the subdomain, so as not to be in doubt, I deleted the subdomain and installed it again with bricks and bricksforge the problem continues.

Could you send me access? I’m running Bricksforge on multiple subdomains. That should work without problems. With access to your site I could check what’s happening there :blush:

Hi, I am facing the same issue. Activating did nothing, the tab is not showing.