Fixed: Ltespeed cache plugin issue

It seems that the plugin has issue with the LSCcahe plugin, when enabled nothing shows on the front end. I tested on one of my website and can confirm incompatibility issue.
have look at this site now:

Hi Nima!

thanks for reporting this. Could you provide me access (in a private message) to check it?

Yes, I sent you the credentials.


Is there a problem with LSCache? I’ve got a dev site due to go live in 5 days. I’d like to use Bricksforge for a few things but it will be running LSCache so would be good to know if Bricksforge + LSCache is ok or not.

Many thanks.

Hi @Daniele ,
Any update please regarding this issue?

I will definitely check it out today. :+1:

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Many thanks Daniele - much apprecaited.

Hi guys, just checked it. The setting “HTML Minify” causes the error. When deactivating this option, the page should load again.

This error is not comprehensible for me, because LSCache will remove the entire HTML code when activating this function, see screenshot:

No error message is output either. Therefore, for the time being, I have no idea what’s wrong here. LSCache should just work with the HTML code and minify it. Maybe it would make sense to ask the developers of this plugin :slight_smile:

For now, deactivating the HTML minifying solve the issue. Don’t forget to purge the caches after updating this setting.

Could you confirm it?

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Hi @Daniele could it be that minifying is also shortening classes and ids?

Not that minifying is actually cache related.

I noticed that the site works normally when the basic settings are defined.

As soon as the recommended settings are activated, the page no longer renders anything on the frontend (no errors) but does not display anything.

If I disable the Bricksforge plugin, the page renders normally on the frontend with any Litespeed Cache settings.
Can anyone help?

It’s a known issue and already fixed. Will be included to the next version :blush: if you need a workaround now, just write me a PM :nerd_face:

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