Font Awesome Pro only Showing Solid Style

Hi, I have purchased Font Awesome Pro and installed BF Font Awesome Pro Element, but for the life of me I cannot get the alternate styles working in the builder (I am using the correct Bricks Forge Pro Element and have all the settings in Font Awesome set correctly as far as I can tell). I am using Bricks Builder 1.9.8 and Font Awesome 6.xx with Auto Subsetting and all styles. Is anyone able to assist please?

Sorry, should have said that the only style I am getting is the solid font awesome style. I should have also said that I have chosen to use SVG. Thanks.

Does it work in the frontend?

I have been fiddling with it. Initially it would show in the Bricks Builder environment but not on the front-end, however when I inserted a non-BF icon element in the same container it would then show on the front-end. Since then I changed some settings on Font Awesome so that it only showed webfonts (not svg) and it worked. So it appears to be something with svg? I would prefer svg if I could.