Form Action "Update Post Meta" for multiple post(types)

I’ve got 2 CPTs, Events and Registrations

In my Event template, I have a query loop that loops through all Registrations of the current event. Inside that loop, I have a form with an “Update Post Meta” action. In there I have two actions:

  1. Update a field value of the Event → Post ID of Event retrieved through echo of a function
  2. Update a field value of the Registration → Post ID empty for current post

Individually, both work. Actually whichever action I put first on top, works perfectly. Whichever action comes second, doesn’t run.

Defining multiple updates for a single Post (either events or registrations) works.

I guess it would be fairly easy to just use a custom action for this, was wondering though if I’m missing something that would allow me doing this through the UI.

Hope I kinda expressed myself in a way that’s understandable. Too many moving parts on this experiment taking my brain for a spin :wink: