Form to select and update custom posts


I’m using Bricks and MetaBox.
I have created a new post type given it some fields and am displaying the MetaBox frontend submission form on a page.

I want to edit the custom post and select the post to edit from its post_id (dcid) in the querystring like this

I have tried adding {url_parameter:dcid} as the Post ID in the Bricks form content panel but when I run it I get a message saying ‘You are not allowed to edit this post.’

If I enter the actual post_id (eg. 29133) into the Post ID field it works just fine but I need it to be dynamic.

What am I doing wrong?

For this, you’ll need to add a “Hidden” field, add the url parameter as value there and use the variable of the hidden field in your actions :slight_smile:

I’m still getting ‘You are not allowed to edit this post.’

Hmm… could you create a ticket sending access? We’ll take a closer look into this :blush:

I’ve got to the bottom of it, its more of a MetaBox issue, thanks for your help

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