Forms are loading within delay

Hi i have a page with few pro forms
But they are loading with delay (lazy!?)
How can i fix it?

Do you have some form conditions running which are processing on server side? For example submissions or database related?

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Yes i have a custom action in which user register and receive a otp sms code

But i have faced this even when i disable the action

By the way you have the login details, you can checkout the page

Hi there.

That´s what I also recognize the last days. Building my own template page there is a native form from Bricks at first and right after the Pro Form from Forge. The Forge form is always a bit lagging.

No game changer - but maybe worth a look.

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Yes i think Daniele knows about it and he is looking into it

Jep, its a known issue. Will check that out next week :slight_smile:

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Was this ever fixed? I’ve noticed it on two sites since August and keep forgetting to ask about it.

I use WP Rocket, so normally cached forms load instantly, but it’s quite noticeable the delay in loading these forms.

EDIT: I think this may actually be fixed now. There was a line break issue too, which seems to be fixed.