Forms integration with CRM Brevo

Hello friends, I wanted to ask you for help to know how I can integrate Bricksforge forms with CRM Brevo, Klaviyo or another, it would be great to be able to do this!

Hi there, first of all, two posts in a span of minutes about pretty much the same thing seems unnecessary :wink:

Also more details about exactly what kinda integration you’re looking for would be helpful. I’m assuming you wanna enter details/contacts whatever through a form and have them saved in your crm.

2 Main ways to go about it come to mind

  1. If you don’t wanna code it, look into using something like zapier and see which wp Events can be used and which crms are supported / which kinda Events are supported.

  2. Look into crms that have an api to enter data (I guess most do)​. Use that api with a custom form Action to submit the data.

Without more details or some code that you’ve tried, it’ll be hard to give you a specific answer that’ll solve it.

Have deleted your other post as this post is matching the correct category :wink:

How @manc said, the way to go here would be something like Zapier and using the Pro Forms Webhooks action. With webhooks you’re possibilities are endless! :slight_smile:

So that you have an idea, it is to be able to integrate the Brevo CRM with bricksforge, I am sending you how the contact form plugin does it, I hope I have been clear…thanks you!

Thanks for the quick response from both of you!

In my opinion, such an integrations is a too specific use case to be natively implemented in bricksforge. Bricksforge is not just a form plugin but much more, therefore, as long as we can add custom actions, use webhooks etc, that’s enough.

That being said here is an example trigger from Zapier, which you could use by creating posts from form submissions:

Depending on the number of zaps you’d need per month, if you exceed the free plan, pricing goes up fairly quickly. So if that’s not an option, you basically have these options:

  1. Find a crm that supports data entry via webhooks
  2. Find a crm that has an api (brevo has one)
  3. Use a crm that natively has ways to implement forms in WordPress → WordPress Email Plugin | Brevo (ex Sendinblue)

1 and especially 2 would require some coding knowledge or hiring someone that does.

While this won’t help you right now, down the road, as more people ask for specific integrations and figure out how to set it up, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of guides on this forum to integrate all kinds of tools. Until then, feel free to post back and ask for help should you get stuck with webhooks or an api :slight_smile:

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