Forms keep losing styling

This is how the form looks on the front end (regularly, sometimes even with a blue button).


Then here is how it’s set:

If I go to each page, change the color of the button, change it back and resave.
Then the button shows normally on the front end again.

But this has happened a couple of times now. (With a form on each page that’s quite a pain).
Edit: No cache installed yet

Any idea?

Seems like Bricks lost styling as well.

  • first happened on my dev site
  • After the move on the live site
  • After SSL was installed again.

Before spending time on it let’s wait if it happens again.
(Yes Bricks regenerate css already done)

Does this happen too if setting the internal styles method instead of external css?

Anyway, I don’t think that this issue is Bricksforge related :blush:

same problem here, only with Pro Forms… styling is lost then had to change something in form and re-save it again and it is ok… It is external css…

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Hi Daniele,

now the site is live, I was creating new pages.
Logging in the next day; styling gone again.

Yes, I’m using external CSS. Same as Hech confirmed.

Funny thing is; on my english pages styling is still there, new dutch page it’s gone.

Bricksforge is using nothing new or exotic regarding the HTML and CSS output. We are just using the native Elements API to create the elements. Therefore, there is nothing we can do here :thinking: Seems like a Bricks thing in general regarding the „External CSS“ loading method. I’ve noticed some issues there too in the past. This is the reason why I’m currently using the inline method to be safe.

Hmm. That’s good in a way since it isn’t BF related then.

I thought there was something a while back where people were forced to switch to external css because something broke with inline css. I also thought external was the better way to go.

Do you know if it’s save to switch an existing site from external to inline?