Frames slider issue with Pro Form

Hi, I’ve created in Bricks a page with Frames “contact section foxtrot” (with map, markers and vertical slider) and all is perfectly working. After having added a new section with a Pro Form, the slider stopped working; if I click on a marker the slider doesn’t slide to the correct card. Removing the Pro Form the slider works again. Any solutions?

Can you share an URL? :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

Frames contact foxtrot + frames contact echo and default Pro form form:
As above but without form: Only map – Test site

FYI I’ve reported it also in ACSS community

Can you provide me admin access to this site? I only can see a bricksData not defined error coming from Frames, but I don’t think thats the issue, as the error is showing also in the working one :slight_smile:

Yes, can you give me your email?


Hi @Daniele, did you received the wp email for your user?

Nope, nothing arrived. Feel free to send me the login data here in the forum as DM :slight_smile:

Fixed in 1.0.5 :slight_smile: See DM.