Front-end post sumission with custom taxonomy (jetengine)

I have a custom taxonomy called “space” created with jet-engine, and associated with the native wordpress posts.

I’ve created a template for “Space” archives, that shows all the posts for any given term in “space” taxonomy using jetengine listing grids

In this template, I’ve created a “button” that triggers a pop-up, containig a “Pro Form”, thats create a new post using title, description and image fields. The form works fine and the post is created.

What i would like to achieve is the following: upon creating the new post, I want the current term to be assigned to the new post, so that when a post is created from any specific term archive, it would be assigned the same term as the current archive page, the page reloaded, and the new post automatically shows in the post grid listing for that particular term.

I can’t seem to get my head around it, the post is always successfully created, but the custom taxonomy is never assigned. I doubled checked the taxonomy slug.

Please see attached the taxonomy term, and the pro-form settings.
Any help is appreciated,