GDPR Compliance solution


I would love to see a bricks centric GDPR compliance solution - maybe this could be a bricks-forge feature.

I would love the be able to create the whole compliance stuff within bricksbuilder and not have to rely on other tools.

For a start it would be the possibility to create a cookie-banner and the option to hide/show (with bricks conditional display) specific elements, so I can hide e.g. a YouTube-Element, when the visitor does not allow this, with his privacy settings.
To be compliant, it would also be needed to track the user’s choice.

Another possibility would be to create an integration with complianz to be able to handle the “design” stuff inside of bricksbuilder (block overlay & cookie-banner).

Thanks again!

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I’m not sure if something like that can be integrated into bricksforge because the website designer has to know which cookie is used on the page, has to categorize the cookie and enable them when the user gives consent.

There are open-source solutions such as Orestbida (CookieConsent demo — Orest Bida or V3, (GitHub - osano/cookieconsent: A free solution to the EU, GDPR, and California Cookie Laws) and GitHub - klaro-org/klaro-js: Klaro! A privacy and security tool for your website. but require a little knowledge for integration.

It would certainly be very useful to have a native solution with Bricks popup and cookie blocking via conditions.

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Great list! Thank you :slight_smile: