Geolocation Server IP


first of all I love BricksForge, thanks for that amazing plugin.
However I encountered an issue (at least with my setup), which is related to the conditional logic with the GeoPlugin.

Somehow it seems to take the server IP as the geolocation instead of the visitor’s IP. I checked on, there I have the correct details.

Do you know what could be the issue? I deactivated all caching plugins etc.

Best regards!

Is there any other way I could get support for this? Thank you

Hello? What way can I manage to get support regarding this?

Hey! :slight_smile: I’ve just tried to reproduce this. For me, everything is working as expected. The condition checks for the country based on the user IP. Could you give me a concrete example and steps to reproduce it?

I can confirm this issue, however, when i run this echo var_export(unserialize(file_get_contents(''.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']))); in wpcodebox, it returns the right country details