Get Post ID of Post submission - Pro Forms

How can I get and send the post ID of a post generated in Bricksforge pro forms at the same time as using this ID dynamically to send as a URL parameter?

I am trying to create a product mock-up designer on my website using a series of instances of Bricksforge Pro Forms. Allowing logged-in users to upload their artwork to visualise their product, then when the final form is submitted the ‘post’ is published as a product.

For the initial process of this, on the first form (step 1) I have a series of hidden values so when a user clicks what would be the ‘submit’ button of the form, it will create a post and at the same time it will redirect to form 2 but with the relevant parameters queried in the URL so that it will populate form 2 based on what the user selected.

The most crucial parameter I need to send over is the post ID that was created in step 1, as with each form it updates that generated post until the final form which publishes it as a product on the website.

The query I have in the URL is /?id={post_id} but it just keeps sending over the ID of the page of form 1 as opposed to the ID of the generated post. Is there something I am missing or does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work?

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried using {{live_post_id}}? :slight_smile:

Documented here → Pro Forms – Bricksforge Docs

Thank you so much, that worked!

I am now having another issue though where on one of the other form pages I want to display what has been set as the featured image for the product dynamically.

I have a query set up in the URL so the post ID is being sent across to each step of the next form and I have tried using all of the following tags but can’t seem to get any to work.


Please would you be able to advise me on how to get this to work?



The post_id references the current post. To get the ID from the url, you need to use {url_parameter:id}

For example:
If the products ID is 51, and my url looks like this:

Then doing {brf_post_thumbnail_url:{url_parameter:id}} will give you the featured image URL.

Lemme know if it works :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I have tried this, if I use this in a text field it does fetch the url of the image, but doesnt display it. And when I use it in the dynamic image input it doesnt return anything.

My bad, overread that you had already tried the parameter ID.

Use it in the “External URL” field and the image should show :slight_smile:
In the builder it’ll show a notice that it can’t find the image but in the frontend it’ll work

Thank you! This worked to display the image as the actual image, but is there a way to get this to show as the background for the image so that I can overlay another image on top of the one I want to display dynamically?

I did what you said above in the ‘external url’ section but for the background, but it won’t display anything.

Do you have any suggestions?