.GLB support for the 3d object viewer


Loving the new 3d controls. At this point, I’m looking forward to starting to include 3d work into my offerings.

What are the chances of .glb support as well as .gltf?
The file size is a lot smaller :slight_smile:

I’m using the Three.js GLTFLoader. As mentioned in their docs, .glb files should work as well. Did you already try it? :slight_smile:

–edit-- nope, some adjustments needed. Will post a new beta in the discord beta channel :wink:

Oh that’s great news to hear! You’re heroic :slight_smile:

Just saw the update!

Christmas is officially cancelled! I’ve told the family I’m too busy playing with this new piece of kit, and I’ll see them next year sometime.

Thank you!

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Urk! I have another request :frowning:

What are the chances of including .fbx support?