Global class manager is always loading

Hello all,

I have a strange issue that my global classes are not loaded, I have put in bootstrap classes from v 5.3. Does anyone else face the same issue or can somebody help. I tried everything what I can (deactivated all plugins, cleared cache,…)

Thanks, Marco

Hi :raising_hand_man:t2: What’s exactly the issue here? The title says that the classes are always loaded, but your screenshot shows a loading screen. :blush:

Hi Daniele,

sorry, maybe the title was no correctly written.

The exact thing is that I copied all bootstrap classes from v 5.3 in, and now I wanted to change some code in the classes, but i can’t because they always try to load. This means the loading bar doesn’t disappear even if you let it load for a few minutes. All classes are in the builder and the work, but it would be fine to edit them.

Thanks for the fast replay


Oh. Understood! Could you provide me access to your site?

Yes sure, can you pm me then i will send you the credentials?

Thanks very much! I can reproduce this issue locally. Will be fixed with the next version :slight_smile:

Thank you, great to hear the good news. I am very glad for your fast and helpful replay. Love your product and service, great job, keep it up.

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Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yeah!! I have found the problem!

Looking at the Apache Web Server log. Shows GET /Index.php?rest_route=/bircksforge/v1/get_options?_key0brf_tool_setting_HTTP/1.0 ERROR 404

Solution: Permalinks > Selection > Select “Custom Permalink or Post Tittle” to activate pretty URLS and refresh the .htaccess file. Working!

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