Global Class Manager

Many are currently waiting for a Global Class Manager. I just recently experienced how annoying it can be to have to delete 2000 global classes because certain plugins don’t offer a way to clean them up. I had to go the PHP route. For many, such a workaround will not be possible.

Therefore I would like to throw something into the round: What do you think about a temporary global class manager until the native one is released? This is not about a functionality which will be extended, but about the following simple things:

  • Global Classes Bulk Actions (Add, Delete)
  • Changing the order of global classes (maybe)

The development effort is not tooo much here. Therefore we can at least think about it together. Does this fit into the concept of Bricksforge? Also to fill current gaps that exist?

I look forward to hearing your opinions on this! :clap:


I guess the question is how much development time do you estimate this will take from you, and which features do you see it taking away from?

I’d love access to a global class manager, but probably not at the expense of something that isn’t on the Bricks roadmap and can enable me to do things I couldn’t do before.

Agree here, I think if it is planned with Bricks, then it would be better to see dev time spent on something else or expanding on current modules such as the GSAP animations or my preference would be the form builder! Form builders are crazy expensive and I just had to purchase Piotnet just for 1 conversational/multistep form so if you could use your dev wizardry to come up with a good mid-level builder that would be great! (And if you can do I this week I can refund Piotnet! ha,ha! ;o)

I am still interested in offering an interface to the Global Classes or popovers to choose them by type, or something like the mentioned 2000 global classes’ plugin. It’s adding so many classes is totally uncool, the interface it has is rather enticing.

But apart from that, yeah, don’t do too much redundant work, specially when it’s clear that it will be implemented by core. Animation, Element Builder etc. there are so many playgrounds to stand out.

Maybe just a nuke :bomb: :fire: all global classes button, with a disclaimer to the extent of the action. Plugins usually create them on install or can regenerate them if needed, but this would give us a clean slate for situations we need one.


I also think it depends on the amount of effort, and how common the problem is with CSS plugins. (They should fix this issue themselves!)

But if not too much effort, it could be worthwhile because I think these classes can really slow down the UI. Max’s delete all suggestion would also take care of that (and hopefully not cause support requests by users who misunderstood!)

I think we all appreciate your democratic approach to development. That said, you also have to work with Bricks and if they are problems you can solve to make your experience better, I’d say go for them!

I feel that adding a Global Class Manager IS inline with or fits into the concept of Bricksforge.

Bricksforge feature:
Global Classes Creator: Convert your CSS code to Global Classes with one click! So you can easily include your favorite CSS framework and use it in the builder.

Since we can add global classes, why not let us easily organize, add and delete even the ones that weren’t added using Bricksforge. Just because someone CAN add something doesn’t mean they are going to be happy with it. If someone adds one of the framework plugins and then instead decides to use Bricksforge to add their own framework of choice, they are still going to be left with 2000+ classes from the plugin that didn’t clean up it’s mess. So Bricksforge can assist with that, allowing them get rid of the sludge and then freshly add a framework using Bricksforge Global Classes Creator, without just piling it on top of everything else.

Having at least the bulk actions of add and delete would save some people from going gray early, while waiting for the feature in Bricks. :rofl:

If it isn’t too much effort and you want to do it, my vote is for filling the gap that exists, even though it’s a temporary one for an indeterminate amount of time. It might also be a nice selling point for the Global Class Creator to also have this ability, even if only temporarily.


An addition that is currently offered by yet another plugin called Plaster (mainly focused on ACSS) is the preview on hover… maybe something that could fit into the Bricksforge Global Classes:

and the preview for framework classes (again ACSS) is also cool (in a generic way, would be better):

There are efforts to make it generic in the FAQ, but it would entail yet another sort of global class manager as well, I guess. Not sure… I asked the developer about it. Lets see…

Here is Pinegrow 7 … they also implemented the preview:


I’m agree with LGX.
There is a GAP now, and we have no idea when will come in bricks core and how will be holded.

I think that global class manager it’s something that many people wants and that can help to grow up the plugin (this is a suposicion)

Having a “delete all unused classes” will be helpfull allways. Can be even better to have a “load only used classes in frontend” (I have no idea if this is something that can be implemented easily).

And no, I’m not saying that only because I had to redo a full wevsite because there was a plugin that was adding +2000 classes in my theme :sweat_smile: (maybe a little bit, yes).

Jokes aside, only this funcionality can do that bricksforge is interesting for all the people using this frameworks.


The feedback of the Plaster-Developer was along these lines. Currently, native support of other frameworks is not planned, but the developer is actively working on a way to customize the classes and variables. To do this, he plans to add a text box in the settings that accepts JSON and generator functions, so you can customize everything and add other frameworks as well. The developer is still working on the implementation.

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Daniele, If you feel this is worth your time - which I think it may be, else you would not have mentioned this idea, then I support any decision you make. You are a quality coder and developer.


For people looking for a CSS framework to implement once 0.9.4 allows frameworks without prefix:


Very cool resource.

Great video about the topic as he made his own slim manager… the rest is of the video is about B.E.M. if you use such an approach:

His code: