Global Classes: Allow colon in generated class names

Some CSS frameworks (e.g. Codebase, Tailwind) use colons in class names for different breakpoints. In order to use these frameworks with Bricksforge, classes with colons also need to be generated.

For example, in my source CSS, a class is written like this (with cb- prefix):
.cb-sm:mb-2 {
margin-bottom: 1rem

Example of how the class should be assigned to an element in Bricks:

In Bricksforge, only cb-sm is generated as a global class. Everything after the colon is discarded, so many classes are missing.

Tailwind uses the same syntax for breakpoints:


Hi! This feature has been added to 0.9.4 and will be available end of this week! :slight_smile:

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Great, thanks Daniel!

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