Global classes load

bricksforge will load all classes,
or like tailwind? will load classes when i use on the page

I was seeing this here, I believe that the bricksforge class manager generates a file with all the added classes separated by the name of the class group.
I’m not one to recommend anything, but from what I’ve seen, I recommend using a few classes for more specific cases, such as button formatting, or using tailwind classes like shadow and rounded.
I do this by comparing style.css from bricks, bricksforge and winden.
The conclusion I reached by analyzing the 3 styel.css was.
Depending on Bricks, it will generate a slightly larger style.css file, but it will create a style for each page.
Bricksforge is wonderful, but it will generate another file with all the classes, so it will be the bricks + bricksforge classes, whether you use the classes or not, they will be there.
Winden, unfortunately winden also generates just one output file like bricksforge, so your entire site will be in a style.css, in the end it will be the Bricks + winden classes which when combined will be bigger than just using bricks alone.

Sorry if I said too much and mixed other things, but from what I saw Bricksforge will only generate one file with all the classes.

But I’ll follow up to see someone from Bricksforge’s response, they’ll respond better than me or even correct me :face_with_peeking_eye:.

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