Google map loading multiple time using PJAX


I’m using a google map element in my site footer, website that is using Bricksforge PJAX page transitions.
When changing page, I’ve got a lot of errors in the browser console concerning gmap. Errors that disappear when removing PJAX (I have not tested it when using gmap outside of the footer)


The gmap block seems to work anyway, but sometimes more js error pop-up and I fear it may cause bug somewhere else.

Is there a way to manually fix this for the moment ?

Thanks, Lyam.

Hi Lyam,

how are you including the google map to the page?


I’m using the Bricks Builder “Maps” element.

On a other note, it seem’s PJAX is messing with anchor links in my page, not sure if I should make an other post for it.