Help with Updating User Details as Admin (Frontend)


I am trying to update a user’s details using Bricksforge Pro Forms, and I’m currently logged in as an admin. I retrieve the user ID I need to edit from the URL (e.g. /admin-dashboard/user-profile/?id=65) using {url_parameter:id}, but I’m facing a challenge with specifying the correct meta key.

The issue is that when I use the meta key nickname, it seems to reference my own nickname (as the admin) instead of the nickname of the user I want to edit through their ID. How can I correctly specify the meta key so that it affects the user whose ID I’ve retrieved, rather than my own admin details? Or do I face a different problem?

Any guidance or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey! :slight_smile: Ah, read your post on Facebook. Could you send me access in a DM? Will take a look. The config looks fine.