Horizontal Scroll + ScrollTrigger

Hello guys,
I’m using bricksforge first time trying to save some time in my work development. My first project I need to implement an huge image with horizontal scroll (vertical scroll triggers to horizontal)

That was very easy to implement using my knowledge with GSAP but then I realised that I cannot add containerAnimation feature of scrolltrigger that limits me a lot so I tried to play with events but I didn’t find the way.

Now I’m going back to full code because I need to finish this ASAP, but, in this case and with your experience what is the best approach?


Hey! :slight_smile:

There is no UI integration for containerAnimation yet, but you’re always free to use the “Animation Object” control to flexibly add individual code. In your case, you would add an additional scrollTrigger key with a neseted containerAnimation.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@Daniele Can you please show an example of how we can add the custom keys on Animation Object field area…I have mentioned elsewhere (in Facebook too) that I have tried adding custom code there but it is not clear to me which syntax exactly is accepted there. i.e. full ScrollTrigger code snippets via what you mention…please show an example or two…