How do I do apply correct height settings for flip everything


I use the flip everything element. I’ve the problem that if I don’t set a height explicitly on the back the content on the front is placed outside (below and above) of the container. I don’t understand the behaviour. What settings do I have to apply so that the height auto-scales to the content placed inside of the back and front blocks.
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Hi Tobi! :slight_smile:

When clicking to the main nestable element you can define some global settings here:

The width and height you define here will automatically adjust all children elements.

Hi Daniele,
thanks for your answer! Yes, I saw that possibility but I want the height to be adjusted automatically to that of the children with the heighest content. The problem I have is that I get the data dynamically, so I never know how much it is and what height would be suitable. That’s why I need a auto-resize functionality. I hope you understand what I mean.
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Hi Tob! :slight_smile: I’ve improved the element regarding your needs. In the new version, when leaving the height empty, it will automatically get the height of your content :slight_smile: Will be included to the next version.

That’s cool!! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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