How do I trigger an animation to start after an Off-canvas element has slid into view?

I’m using the BricksExtras Off-canvas and Slide Menu elements.

I want BF to animate the individual menu items after the Off-canvas element has finished sliding into view. The animation is set up and works as expected… I don’t know how to trigger it, though.

Any advice?

NB. I posted this is the FB group before thinking of the forum. Apologies if that’s bad form.

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Hi Ric.

Sorry - no advice from here! But looking for a solution as well - now for native Off Canvas from Bricks.

I guess the content of the canvas is already loaded and not visible - so the animation is already triggered in hidden state.

Did You found a solution and could post ist here - maybe the Facebook link?

Hi Ric.

Had a bright moment this weekend :smile:

Just use a ‘Click’ trigger for the toggle (element / icon) class and then trigger another class for the canvas elements in the animations settings - with a little delay.

Works great!

Thanks Shenom! I’ll try that later today.