How is the Email-designer supposed to be translated (in our case Translatepress)

Reading from the docs, I already noticed that the email-designer supports getLocale() - which is great :smile: . However, there’s no information on how to use the designer properly with translation plugins. In our case, it’s Translatepress. What’s the intended approach of translating emails?

  • Should the email-strings be visible within the Translatepress Email-string translation? (Can’t see them, even after re-scanning)
  • Are you supposed to translate the email with “if/else” using “getLocale()” and different text-blocks?
  • Or is there even another solution?

Further: How can you change the locale for fixed elements like the “WC Table”? Couldn’t find a setting related to this.

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Is there any helpful advice/recommendation on that? I’d like to translate Emails if there’s any good option, which would be absolutely awesome along using bricks :smiley: .

Hey! :slight_smile: Currently, the approach to translate emails is using the new getLocale() Twig function. Just create your language related conditional logic there :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Daniele
I’m wondering, if there’s an option to change the language of the WooCommerce orders table (WC Table)? You don’t need to provide the full details, just the direction/options.

Good question. The WC Table is just getting the original table sent by WooCommerce. So it should be translatable with common plugins like WPML :slight_smile:

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