How to activate elements & extensions?

Hi all, very new to Bricksforge, just installed it today. When i activate an element or extension it does not keep it activated. When i leave the settings and come back everything is deactivated? As i could not find anything that solved the problem, i am asking you guys here. What am i missing?

Hey! Could you try to refresh your permalinks? :slight_smile:

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Hi Daniele,

many thanks, that worked. But when i edit a page in Bricks now i get this error message on top of the page: “Warning: Undefined array key 0 in /home/.sites/435/site1386/web/2023/wp-content/plugins/bricksforge/includes/Frontend.php on line 240”.

Any idea wht that means and how to solve it?

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Thats a warning, not an error :slight_smile: Seems that you have activated WP DEBUG somewhere? Anyway, already fixed. Tomorrow I deploy a new version where the warning is gone :slight_smile: