How to claclulate value of Image Checkboxs

I am trying to make a from via pro form that contain several Image Checkboxs with deffreint values as i shown in the attached image, the issue is how to add the value of Image Checkboxs to claculation field if any of these Image Checkboxs been checked

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Hey! :slight_smile: Hmm…because you are using checkboxes, I guess that multiple selections are possible. Technically, you’ll get an array, which will cause problems in the calculator field.

Let me think about :slight_smile: I could add a new variable filter “:sum”, which automatically calculates the sum of all numberic array entries. Will come back to this thread later :slight_smile:

-Edit- Haha, just noticed: Bricksforge already does this automatically for you. So just include your Form Field ID of the Checkbox Wrapper in the “Formular” control of the Calculation Field:

If “Checkbox 1” Value is 5 and “Checkbox 2” Value is 3 and both are checked, the result will be 8.

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After the update the image chckbox works like charm but
the caclulation feild if nothing been check it will take the Checkbox wrapper ID and add any mathmatical operation that been set to as a number as shown below


Little Help here please … :smiling_face_with_tear: