How to make radio fields a required field?

There are certain radio fields on my form that I would like to be required and not optional. I am not sure how to accomplish this. Can anyone shed some light on this?

You can define those settings in the Checkbox/Radio Wrapper element. Just toggle „Required“ on or add some Validation rules :blush:

This is far as I understand. I have the wrapper selected. What should i add to this? I know I cannot put the required on individual radio because the client has to have to choose one.

Should be fine like that. You can insert a custom error messages if no radio is selected if needed. Now, the form should not submit if no radio has selected.

For native browser validation, you can use the „Required“ toggle in the „General“ group as well.

As you see from the screenshots the messages show at the bottom of the form and not under the field. It does this even if I have the option to show under the field turned on. On the wrappers of the radios, there is no required option to check. Only the option for validation. How can we solve this?