How to scale a headline up with scrolltrigger (pin)?

Hi Daniele and Max (and community),
I’m trying to do something obviously simple which Daniele already explained in a YT video regarding the scrolltrigger pin option. For our new agency website I want the main H1 hero headline to be pinned with the rest of the hero container. And when the user begins to scroll down, it should scale up until it’s big enough. After that the page should start scrolling down.

→ I can’t get the hero container to be pinned and synchronously waiting until the H1 is scaled up.
Which value in the “scroll end” field would be correct to get the animation right?

Thank you very much in advance for any tipps!

This is the page: Animation – Bricks Tests

I added 2 screenhots: one of the Figma design which shows the 2 states of the H1 (small/big).
And my Bricksforge panel with the 2 timelines for the H1 and the hero container.

And: Bricksforge I can’t praise enough! It’s so awesome!

Hi Heiko! :slight_smile:

Did you play with the “Scroll Start” and “Scroll End” options? If I understand you correctly, this would be the way to go :slight_smile: