I need a Range Filter

I need a Range Filter. Can you implement this in BricksForge?


@Daniele a Range Filter. What is the possibility of implementing this function in proforms?

This and much more should be possible soon once the shortcode field has been implemented (Render template shortcodes in form - #2 by Daniele) It’s a long thread, basically it will allow us to render any kinda template inside the form. In such a template for example, we could create a custom range filter, render it in the form and pass the value into the form as well.

Rangefilter would still be nice as a standalone field though so let’s see which way Daniele goes. If shortcodes are implemented first, I’d be happy to help you set up the range field.

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The following Form additions are under development:

  • New Type: Shortcode
  • New Type: Slider
  • New Type: Range Slider
  • New Type: HTML
  • More Options for the Datepicker
  • Field Icons
  • Image Checkboxes / Radio Buttons

So yes, your Range field is near :smiley:


When you say Range Slider do you mean like this image? that the user can choose a value?

Yes :blush:


inevitable to ask the most frequently asked question? hahaha when will we have this?

A container to hold few fields next to each other is so important :roll_eyes: