Improvement in global classes

It doesn’t matter if you have the classes enabled or not, the css file is always loaded and you can even put the classes in the Bricks editor. The file is loaded in the HTML even if it is empty.
It would also be nice if there is an option to minify the css.

Already read this:

Hi Marcos,

thank you for reporting this!

Do I understand correctly, that the CSS file with your custom created classes is still loaded, also when deactivating the classes? If yes, that’s a bug and we will definitely fix it in the next version. Files should only load, when really needed. Please confirm me this :slight_smile:

I don’t think I ended up understanding what the “Hides the class selection and the tabs ‘Content’ & 'Style’” was referring to.
Yes, once you activate the global classes even if you deactivate it, it is always loaded in the HTML.
I still say it would be interesting to add a minify option or if possible an option to load classes from WPCodeBox would be awesome.


Hi Marcos!

This issue has been fixed and will be included in the version 0.9.1 :slight_smile:
And: the tooltip was just a typo issue. There should be another text :wink: Hehe

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