Inline links not working with Scroll Smoother

when using an inline link in the menu ala /#contact all works fine except that all html code above the id contact is gone (yep , wiped out from the code)

Hi! :slight_smile: That’s a known GSAP ScrollSmoother limitation. For such anchor scrolling stuff, you need to use the GSAP “scrollTo” method: Docs - GreenSock

You have 3 options:

  1. Use the scrollTo method as described above when clicking on anchor links. You can create such a functionality with the Bricksforge Panel

  2. Just use the Smooth Scrolling Provider “Lenis”. Lenis, in general, will work with internal anchor scrolling. (But also here: if we want the smooth scrolling also for our anchor link scrolling, we need to use an internal “scrollTo” method.

  3. Wait for the next Bricksforge Update. I gonna add a setting to optional navigate all anchor links with the related scrollTo methods.


Hey, was there ever an update? :slight_smile:

Having this issue too, but can’t get it to work.