Is there a simple reason why I cannot get animations to work?

I am using this test page …on facility – My WordPress

As you scroll down, the first large, complete picture (Beeches III) has an animation applied to it as an enter viewport option. It should fade in and rise from 100 pixels down.

No matter what condition I apply, click, hover or enterviewport I am seeing no animation.

I save the page after every change


Hi glen! I see the animation for your image (From: y: 100). Works well for my browser (Chrome). Which browser are you using?

Thanks Daniele - I was using Chrome and tested on Edge and Safari too … I simply could not get it to work.

I have opted for Motion Page instead and will consider using BricksFroge for other purposes


Hi glen! Otherwise, you can send me access and I would take a look :slight_smile: Just let me know :+1: