Is this compatible with AutomaticCSS

I use AutomaticCSS for my utility classes on both my Oxygen & Bricks sites. I really like some of the functionality this plugin will bring, but I don’t want to lose the Automatic.CSS dashboard and utlity classes.

  • Is Bricksforge compatible with Automatic.CSS?


Hi Raimo,

basicly: you don’t have to use the Global Classes feature of Bricksforge. You just can turn it off. This way you can use both, Bricksforge and AutomaticCSS.

I also see no problem on creating your own global classes while using Automatic CSS. You will not loose any of the classes or settings. For our custom created classes, we add an additional key and if we work with classes, for example for deletion actions, we always ask for this key. So nothing should break :slight_smile:

That’s the theory. I personally don’t own Automatic.CSS. Can anyone of you ACSS guys give some feedback? Would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that you can use both plugins without problems. Also by keeping Bricksforge Global Classes activated, both plugins harmonize and you can use the classes from both:


Just the answer I was looking for, thank you Daniele. So, basically leave the default settings but able to use ACSS.

Many thanks!